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#Breadcrumbs: April 20th, 2018

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From fake Obama, fake ringtones, and fake Instagram accounts to living in limbo, we’ve got some #NOTFAKE links in store for you this week.

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  • Dad Sneakers, fanny packs, and $700 Crocs on the runway? Ugly fashion is not going away.

  • A new opportunity for the luxury fashion industry may be right at its feet?

  • This watch company is leveraging social media to get closer to its consumers. ?

  • Finally some wedding dresses that aren’t so…bridal. ?



  • Professor Queen Bey gave us the lessons we needed on black culture this year at Beychella. #takeustochurch ?

  • Who needs Beyoncé, when we’ve got Briyonce!?

  • little red car makes a huge impact on a photographer’s life  #lilenginethatcould ?

  • Meet the ultimate #bae. Why can’t we look this good hitchhiking?

  • A Pixar short about a little dumpling is the perfect appetizer to The Incredibles 2. ?

  • NYC today meet NYC in 1911.

  • Getting all the LOLs at Justin Theroux living his best Supreme sponsored NYC Life.?

  • We’re all #fake on social right? The rise of finstas on Instagram is kinda proving that.





  • This Syrian refugee has been stuck living in an airport for over a month and doesn’t know when he’ll be able to leave. #livinginlimbo

  • Will the 70 year war between North and South Korea come to an end later this month? ?

  • Shanghai Gen Zs will be the safest drivers on the road if driving instructors keep using these tactics?

  • We love seeing women like Lizzy step up and fight for her body rights. #freethenipple ?

  • These days, we can’t get away from #fakenews, and this fake Obama isn’t helping.

  • Netflix on the big screens? Oui s’il vous plaît.