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#Breadcrumbs: April 13th, 2018

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From “tigers” in the concrete jungle and Instagram videos in space, to a home that ages with you, we’ve got some great links in store for you this week.

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  • From trash to treasure: check out how designer Tracy Reese took everyday waste and turned it into a ? collection.

  • Welcome to the #GreynnaisanceEra. Companies are hiring older models to attract the Baby Boomers and show millennials that life doesn’t end at the age of 50. ?

  • These Gucci x Ignasi Monreal limited edition sweatshirts belong in your art collection. #GucciHallucination ?

  • Every brand could use this ? fashion psychologist on their team.


  • Designers have found another way to keep these musicians’ legacy alive by creating a font out of their handwriting?

  • Williamson Williamson has different take on the smart home. If only we all could live in a home that ages with you.?

  • Sean Lìonadh has turned a poem and shocking encounter into this brilliant filmabout homophobia in modern society. ?

  • They tanned, they smushed, they conquered. Reminisce with the Jersey Shore stars on their 6 seasons of being the realest reality show. ?

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s senate testimony has been summed up in gifs and memes…this is why we love the internet.


  • You’ll be able to roll through your city in more ways than one now that Uber has acquired bike-sharing service Jump.

  • After Zuckerberg’s big day in court this week, Facebook is really cracking down on their policy for advertisers.

  • You can now look flawless for your followers with Instagram’s new portrait modefeature.

  • Scientists get one step closer to discovering the inner workings of the brain with this powerful technology?

  • One small step for man and one giant step for Instagram as Will Smith and NASA host the first ever live video from space.?

  • Fribo the robot will make living alone a little less lonely.


  • Are mega-influencers losing their charm? Brands are choosing quality over quantity when deciding which influencers to work with.

  • First Channing and Jenna separating and now this?! Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian. Can’t. Deal. #heartbroken

  • There was a tiger roaming the streets of the concrete jungle! Nevermind, it was just a raccoon.

  • Meet this eleven year old #girlboss who we’ll all be working for someday. ?