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#breadcrumbs: And on tonight’s menu 11.25.20

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We may not be around all our friends and family this year, but there’s still so much to be thankful for. From Pharell’s fountain of youth explained, to the Thanksgiving playlist you never knew you needed, we’re giving you this week’s roundup early! Also, make sure to read ’til the very end for a special contribution from The Charles team. #breadcrumbs





  1. A place to lay your head down at night 🏠
  2. Family 👪
  3. Friends to call family
  4. The best eyelash spa in NY
  5. A job in the middle of a pandemic
  6. Episodes of Girlfriends
  7. The opportunity to give back 👐
  8. Grubhub
  9. Love 💓
  10. Coffee
  11. 19 Crimes wine 🍷
  12. Quiet mornings
  13. Walks with friends
  14. Fresh air and open spaces
  15. Real Housewives Franchise
  16. My bicycle 🚲
  17. Nature 🍂
  18. Netflix
  19. FaceTime 📱
  20. Doggo Fridays 🐶(virtual of course)
  21. Curated Spotify playlists
  22. NYC museums
  23. My guitars 🎸
  24. Gnocchi
  25. @smol.posts IG (x2)
  26. Texts from mom in the morning with daily news and weather (as if I don’t get the same updates 😉 ) 🌞