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#Breadcrumbs: The “This Is America” Edition

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Childish Gambino’s This is America rocked the internet this week. For #breadcrumbs 5/11, we’re highlighting Murrica-only links for you. ??????

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  1. This is #fashun America: Where we wear religion as costumes.

  2. This is Self-Love America: Where one doesn’t have to be the loneliest number. ?

  3. This is ‘It’s Complicated’ America: Where we want love and commitment, but maybe not marriage.

  4. This is Celebrity America: Where black Gods claim ignorance as ‘free thinking.’

  5. This is Creative America: Where we turn code into art.

  6. This is Insatiable America: Where your cross-country cravings can finally be satisfied. ?

  7. This is Luxe America: Where we bleed red, white, and Tiffany blue.

  8. This is Conscious America: Where we mute classic RnB singers for harmful behavior. #ThisIsTheRemixToEviction

  9. This is Millennial America: Where we like our diamonds lab-grown.

  10. This is Facebook’s America: Where the social media vortex is getting even.more.real. courtesy of Facebook.

  11. This is the First Lady’s America: Where the best way to “Be Best” is to plagiarize.

  12. This is Alexa’s America: Where your smart devices could start running your life without your permission.

  13. This is Instagram’s America: Where we’re all pretty much the same.

  14. This is Gun Lovin’ America: Where guns are both celebrated and protested at the same convention.

  15. This is Wild America: Where patience brings about remarkable photography.

  16. This is Retail America: Where sneaker-baristas are a thing.

  17. This is Nostalgic America: Where we need to break-up with our smartphones.

  18. This is Innovative America: Where we always find a way to make it work. ?

  19. This is Unoriginal America: Where the fakes will be exposed.

  20. This is Savage America: Where it’s Rihanna’s world and we’re just living in it. ?