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#breadcrumbs: 9.24.21

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Ready for sweatuh weathuh, party people? Time to put away the summer neon and pull out the plaid, get your first PSL (don’t play, you love them) and settle into fall. The Museum of Motion Pictures has all the spookiness you need for the season, prayer rugs get a whole new look, and Michaela Coel is taking the spotlight she so rightfully deserves. Drink it all up and more with a big ol’ mug of this week’s #breadcrumbs.



  • Michaela Coel speaks to the non-glitterati and we are LISTENING👂
  • Jojo Siwa is the injection of modernity we needed for DWTS season 30 💃🏼
  • TikTok got us hitting skip on what were once our favorite songs😥
  • Online journal claims history was written by white people…duh



  • Hey Siri, am I depressed?📱
  • The discovery of new jellies gives us a portal into another world (under the ice🧊)
  • We finally found out who DiamondHands is👨‍💻… and it’s not Daft Punk
  • “I need WAAAATTTTERRRR🚰” – Spongebob