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#breadcrumbs: 9.17.21

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Inclusivity finally comes a-knocking (although it skipped the Met Gala?) and we love to see it. This week, Marvel gives us Asian superheroes, Sotheby’s features Black jewelry designers and the gaming world welcomes disabled gamers. Heck, even your neighbors are getting a chance to go to space. We’ve got all that and more in this week’s #breadcrumbs.



  • Sean Miyashiro is here to inspire the next gen and is making moves with Marvel 🦸‍♂️🎶
  • Popstar choreography is having a rebirth from the ’90s and we’re here for it 🙌
  • Check out how these book publishers are adapting to the ever-changing digital world 📚
  • ATTN: Parents, future parents, etc: a long read you don’t want to miss 🎓
  • How odd! The Met Gala somehow missed the memo on representation this year, but ain’t that just the American way? 
  • Marketing genius? We think so. Lil Nas X’s is anything but traditional, and it’s paying off for him


  • Simeon Barclay speaks to exclusion of Black mythology and “repaints” England’s history🎨
  • Na-na-na c’mon… Fetish fashion is back
  • Every day I wake up and put on my silly little exercise dress…and here’s why
  • Ready to spice up your Zoom life? These graphics will #MakeMeetingsFunAgain 🥳