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#breadcrumbs: 8.6.21

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Brands are using Olympians as influencers, influencers are helping people get vaccinated and countries are sharing the gold. Rihanna just became a billionaire, Lady Gaga is starring in a new Gucci movie and Bennifer is EVERYWHERE. Check it all out and more in this week’s lineup.  #breadcrumbs



  • The enormous pressure behind “black excellence” is finally being talked about by our mental health heroes Simone and Naomi 🥇
  • Apparently an “ugly duckling” phase is no longer a rite of passage and we’re low key jealous 
  • Feeling bombarded with Bennifer news? 👫 You’re not alone.







  • We can’t help but stan platforms using their stars to encourage people to get vaccinated 💉✨ 
  • We’re not crying, you’re crying: Two Olympian high jumpers share gold 🏃‍♂️🥇
  • Rihanna has work work work work worked her way to billionaire status 🎶💄