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#breadcrumbs: 8.27.21

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Gather Ye round for we have the freshest news in the land. Kanye hath a new name (but no new Donda), doctors are praying thee stop with the Milk Crate Challenge, whilst the adult Nirvana baby seeks the highest court. Clicketh to read all that and more in this week’s #breadcrumbs.



  • While producers say “the show must go on,” artists are intent on taking their music to the grave ⚰️
  • An ode to the sexy 👅, sweaty 💦 Hot Vax Summer that never was. *sad trombone* 😷🙇‍♀️
  • When people turn to the Milk Crate Challenge, you know this summer has been boring af 🙄
  • No one loves “Ye” more than Ye, ALSO RELEASE DONDA!!!



  • Make art, not war: look back on the beauty of women’s protest signs ✌️
  • How does a fashion ICON celebrate her 100th birthday? With the chicest 👓 you can imagine
  • This model is merging her hobby with her heritage and we are here for it 🧶
  • It’s time to remember the portrait artist who made the world see the invisible 👩‍🎨