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#breadcrumbs: 7.30.21

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  • Lil Nas X breaks out of prison ⛓and its homophobic stereotypes in his new music video 
  • The term “twisties” may sound fun but it’s NOT 🤕💫
  • Houston is once again birthing us some hot new hip-hop talent 🎤
  • They talked the diversity talk in 2020, now let’s see if the travel industry walks the walk ✈️





  • Can’t find the emoji you want? These are the people who decide what makes the cut 🧙‍♂️
  • Disabled youth are taking to the web. Long live cripple punk
  • Virtual reality: The Brad and Chad of gaming🕹🖥
  • These wildfire clouds do not have a silver lining ⛈



  • Women 👏 supporting 👏 women 👏 faced 👏 with 👏 gender 👏 discrimination 
  • There is no clear road to recovery for the economy post COVID  💩
  • The race for the fastest grocery delivery is on  🛒
  • Companies are feeling the heat 🔥 to denounce climate change but are their pledges enough?