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#breadcrumbs, April 15th, 2016

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Our Slack channel #breadcrumbs is essentially short form for our internal knowledge sharing initiative: BIRDWATCH.

Our team’s love of sharing the latest and greatest has resulted in a collection of over 10,000 links. Now, we’re opening up the wealth of knowledge that is #breadcrumbs to you.

Here’s what caught our attention this week:

1. Customization is the next forefront in luxury retailing because nothing screams “class” like a custom cardigan.

2. Artist and illustrator Mr. Bingo gives us all a reason to continue checking our mail-boxes other than bills, bills, bills.

3. Clique Media Group brings streamlined concepts to their new social media platform, Obsessee.

4. Refinery 29 shares with us an impactful story of 3 Syrian Refugees in addition to a stunning UX experience.

5. Mac Makeup mashes up with the iconic aesthetics of Selena (no, not Gomez) to their make-up empire with a new collaboration.

6. Do you really need that Apple Watch? No? We didn’t think so either…

7. Bloomberg: The Design Issue solves all of our problems with precision and beauty.

8. From your bedroom wall to the billboard charts, now we can browse all the iconic Rolling Stone magazine covers from the past 50+ years.

9. We love these oddly dark but accurate depictions of life in 2016 from illustrator Dan Woodger.

10. Oh Look, WSJ is nominated for a Webby Award. Don’t forget to vote!