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#breadcrumbs, November 4th, 2016

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Our Slack channel #breadcrumbs is essentially short form for our internal knowledge sharing initiative: BIRDWATCH.  Our team’s love of sharing the latest and greatest has resulted in a collection of over 10,000 links. Now, we’re opening up the wealth of knowledge that is #breadcrumbs to you.

1. Calling all #TypeNerds! Join the worldwide scavenger hunt and track down the coolest typefaces on the planet.

2. Instagram is trying out an in-app purchase function. Brands rejoice.

3. Starbuck’s new election-themed cups ‘bring people together’ by featuring contour drawing we adore.

4. After the IOS update, the infamous peach emoji no longer resembles a butt, and people are pissed.

5. The first book to legitimize the importance of graphic design, Paul Rand’s, “A Designer’s Art“, is headed for a reprint!

6. The map that won Japan’s ‘Good Design Award’, designed by Tokyo-based architect and artist Hajime Narukawa.

7. How would you sum up this election in a single image? FastCo asked 3 designers to do exactly that.

8. Sexting is the inspiration behind Abzal Issa Bekov’s unique way of distributing his latest collection.

9. The only thing more unbelievable than the Cubs winning the World Series, is the guy who predicted it in his yearbook decades ago.

10. The global athleisure boom in 5 easy to understand charts.