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#breadcrumbs: 10.1.21

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Happy Friday people! Exciting things are happening for musicians this week (tho none of it music related), Alexa the robot gives birth, and KitKats take over TikTok. We hope you’re snuggled up watching When Harry Met Sally with a cozy scarf and pumpkin nearby because Meg Ryan is the unofficial sponsor of fall and we want you cozy for this week’s #breadcrumbs.



  • Jamie Spears should wear a warning because he is straight up TOXIC
  • Egypt says “Tax the rich!”, starting with social media stars
  • Our palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Lose yourself at Eminem’s restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti 🍝 🎤
  • Ready for your Meg Ryan fall turtleneck moment? Haven’t been indoctrinated yet? Just click here! 🧣



  • Saudi Arabia: Y’all cool with an algo planning the vaccine rollout? 💉
  • A llama and a hamster walk into a Covid treatment lab
  • EXCLUSIVE: At home with Alexa the robot and her baby boy, Astro!! 🤖
  • And now the story of the Great American Sperm Heist