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#breadcrumbs, August 26, 2016

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Our Slack channel #breadcrumbs is essentially short form for our internal knowledge sharing initiative: BIRDWATCH.  Our team’s love of sharing the latest and greatest has resulted in a collection of over 10,000 links. Now, we’re opening up the wealth of knowledge that is #breadcrumbs to you.

1. This apple has rotten. Take one last look at New York’s Original Apple Store, Tekserve.

2. Pop-up karma. How Google deals with sites with those annoying pop-up ads.

3. Don’t drink and drive — lick and uber? Uber releases BAC detection cards, promoting safety and their car service.

4. A glowing tribute to Hollywood’s typographic signs. No New Neon (NNN) at the Museum of Neon Art.

5. Fashion brand Milly makes their social media presence a MILLYion times better with help from design star Jessica Walsh.

6. The 12 forgotten designs for America’s 50-star flag that simply did not make the cut.

7. Check out the studio of the L.A. based artist behind Kayne‘s over exposed Yeezus Tour Merch, Wes Lang.

8. Facebook Lifestage, FB’s new teen app, is broadcasting content to more people than you may think.

9. Is your inbox dry? Without the plug-in, Boomerang, to guarantee response-worthy emails, don’t count on a reply.

10. The creators of Cards Against Humanity created a shipping company, BlackBox, and it’s pretty much UPS with an edge.