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#breadcrumbs, July 15, 2016

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Our Slack channel #breadcrumbs is essentially short form for our internal knowledge sharing initiative: BIRDWATCH.  Our team’s love of sharing the latest and greatest has resulted in a collection of over 10,000 links. Now, we’re opening up the wealth of knowledge that is #breadcrumbs to you.

1. Roses are red, the museum is new, we want to see this Beijing museum, how about you?

2. This blind Apple engineer is transforming the tech world.

3. Kim Kardashian makes the cover of Forbes Magazine. Take that, haters!

4. The telling tale of a color blind designer.

5. This Ice Cream Museum is the cherry on top of any NYC visit.

6. A teaser video for the upcoming IKEA x Hay collaboration surfaces.

7. “Unpleasant Design” is all around you, but have you noticed it?

8. Montreal installation, Mesa Musical Shadows, gives shadows a sound with these smart concrete tiles.

9.  Apple’s IOS 10 gets it right with accessibility, after a few design missteps.

10. Realtime Emoji use on Twitter tracker.