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#breadcrumbs, April 7th, 2017

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Our Slack channel #breadcrumbs is essentially short form for our internal knowledge sharing initiative: BIRDWATCH.  Our team’s love of sharing the latest and greatest has resulted in a collection of over 10,000 links. Now, we’re opening up the wealth of knowledge that is #breadcrumbs to you.

1. It’s been proven that smartphone screen sizes are linked to e-comm uplifting sales.

2. Mercedes promises autonomous taxis in the next three years — ek!

3. How the see-now-buy-now market has hit a wall.

4. How Instagram beat out Facebook and Snapchat as fashion’s ‘social darling’.

5. The spiral of Springs epic mobile takeover.

6. The Charles’ dream collab: Mount Kimble x James Blake, team up for a song and a video.

7. Projection mapping in the home will become a reality very soon with Microsoft’s IllumiRoom concept. Oh the possibilities.

8. Beyonce releases a track to celebrate her 9th anniversary with Jay-Z, causing ‘Tidal’ waves on twitter. Can she ever do wrong?

9. Kendall Jenner and her MAJOR Pepsi flop that actually united the internet.

10. “How Bout Dah” internet sensation, Danielle Bregoli, milks 15 minutes of fame with her emoji release – BhadMoji.