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“Abstract Shapes” by Jenna Gang

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As content production slows down in the current health situation, we spoke to our content producer about how he is staying inspired. He shared the thoughts below along with an example of the work that is inspiring him. 

“As Content Producer at The Charles, I have seen much of the work I love coming to a standstill. In times like this, I find it important to look to the artists we know and love for encouragement. 

The artists around us do not stop working when a crisis begins, rather they find new ways of working and seeing.

The personal work of Jenna Gang ‘Abstract Shapes’ provides an intricate layering of textures and a vibrant boost of color. Imagery like this keeps us moving, and looking towards the work we have yet to create.

Work like Jenna’s keeps our spirits up, and gets us excited for what we still have yet to create.”

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