Cartier is one of the most respected and renowned luxury retailers around the globe, with a loyal following and growing audience. As their Digital Production partners, The Charles develop interactive HTML5 ads that can be seen everywhere from your favorite blog to the world's most-read publications.

Luxury in the Digital Age

Cartier's international campaigns are brought to life with animated HTML5 banners that showcase the brand and collections in vivid motion. Interactive and visually stunning, the digital placements leave a lasting impression on every platform.

Extending Reach

From mobile sites to tablet magazines, we work with global publishers to extend the shelf life of Cartier's creative by adapting international assets for local use and digitizing print collateral for a more engaging experience online.


Campaigns of All Sizes

From custom concepts to campaign assets in the hundreds, our production capabilities range from tailor-made to ready-for-the-masses.


Elevating Brand Awareness

As the dominant referral mechanism for the Collection pages on Cartier's website, the ads inhabited high profile placements across pre-eminent publications and were designed to further elevate audience perceptions. The Charles play an integral role in resizing and adapting Cartier's master creative for local audiences.


Engaging Production

Bursting with life, the campaign creative includes rich video that showcases each collection's details in style to drive traffic and attention to Cartier's product pages.

Email Newsletter Design

Milestones are worth celebrating. The Charles partnered with Cartier North America’s CRM Team to bring to life the tradition and elegance of the Cartier brand in a modern email newsletter format for the graduation season. Featuring animated elements and a flexible layout optimized for a multitude of browsers and devices, the updated email newsletter layout gave new life to an already popular campaign.