Bloomberg Media Phase II

We embarked on a second iteration of the Bloomberg Media site that introduced a new UX and key functionality that curates the site based on key site visitor needs.

A Global Landing

We wanted the site to feel global from the moment the user arrives. The geolocated, time-based video feature from Phase I evolved into a more comprehensive landing experience that presents Bloomberg Media as an active and influential player in the media landscape.

A Custom Site Experience

We delved deep into the minds of media planners, the site's key visitors, and developed a way to curate the homepage to the specific needs of their clients. Users can select an industry and watch as the homepage reshuffles to serve up only content that's relevant to them.


Skim the Surface, Then Dive Deep

The new "About" page functions like a concise narrative of who Bloomberg Media is and what they do. This way users get an engaging, multimedia introduction to the brand with the option to click off the page to learn more about areas of interest.


Multimedia Storytelling

Interactive videos paired with interactive statistics show the marriage of media, analytics, and intelligence that define the Bloomberg Media brand.


Time For a Blog

For a site used as a tool for media planners, it was important to incorporate a blog that acts as a means for the parent company to showcase their cross-platform thinking. Paralleling recent company-wide initiatives, we chose to host the blog on Tumblr for maximum visibility and social traction.