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Kate Moss and Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace — modern day cultural icons, united by their rags to riches stories, tales of success, excess and subsequent downfalls. It's this that serves as the inspiration behind "The Kate Commandments" the latest LIMITED EDITION release from The Charles.

The T-shirt Collection

The Kate Tee V1

Pairs well with red wool beanie, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather scent (rumored to smell like a brick of cocaine).

Kate Moss was catapulted into the spotlight when Corinne Day took this iconic image for The Face Magazine. The image marks Kate's introduction to fame and set in motion the unstoppable, prolific career that followed. (Photo Credit: Corrine Day 1992.)

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The Biggie Tee

Pairs well with two bricks of solid gold, and a fresh pair of Nike Air Jordans

There is no shortage of iconic Notorious B.I.G. imagery but Danish photographer Dana Lixenberg tops the list with this ubiquitous black and white portrait. Wearing one of his signature Coogi sweaters, Biggie bares his pure self in this photo: a cultural legend through and through. (Photo Credit: Dana Lixenberg.)

The Charles Tee

The Charles was founded on two key principles: To Honor and To Inspire. Tradition and Innovation are shaken and stirred while we constantly find new ways to take the ideals of our namesake, Charles, and apply them with our creative might. This image communicates the refined nature of our brand: ahead of the curve and hungry for more.

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"Never Sell No Crack, Where You Rest At."

"Never Trust No-bo-dy"

"Never Get High On Your Own Supply"

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